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Nancy's Kitchen Takeaway, Melaka

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A really sweet gesture of the Boss when she came back from her short stayover in Malacca. Auntie Nancy's is a renown Peranakan eatery in the small town though personally I didn't think it measured up too well against Glory Catering for the spice and oomph.

auntie nancy's nonya chang

Nonya Bak Chang

Loved the pretty indigo dye of this one, for a split second it reminded me of Jade at Fullerton. This version is miles and kilometers away good! Soft fluffy sticky grains holding together flavourful stuffing of minced pork with a light ginger taste. I like how they balanced the sweetness for this as most Nonya Bak Zhangs tend to be hovering on the sweet.

auntie nancy's bak chang

Bak Zhang

Another delicious one with meaty chunks, mushroom and full egg yolk! A very strong contender from Malacca me thinks but Hoo Kee is still King.

Nancy's Kitchen
Jalan Hang Lekir 
Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

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  1. for a while i was excited, thinking you have been to malacca. i'm going there next weekend and i have no clue what to do or what to eat haha!

  2. @ harris: yes i have!! :) Nancy's is one of the more popular peranakan restaurants famous for their kuehs, bak zhangs and nonya food. Personally felt it's less spicy than peranakan in sg.

    do try the chendol at jonker street!!! the one with 8 types of beans...durian chendol's equally delish.

    Chicken rice balls are always a novelty in melaka...

    and then of course, pineapple tarts and the ma ti su (chestnut pastries) are popular souvenirs to lug home. HEH.

    Have fun eating! :)