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Meals on United Airlines (SIN-HK)

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It was a bleary morning flight at 645am which required me to drag myself to the airport in the wee hours. The appetite was clearly gone and the tum was definitely not awake. Eyeing the e-ticket, it stated "snack" for meal provided but I did not take it too seriously afterall, the meals encountered have been decent with Cathay, Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines. Garuda made it to my black list so let's not go there.

Well, the true fact of it is...wait till you ever travel by United Airlines. I have absolutely no qualms about tightened security or the perfect landing and take off...what bothered me most was the snack. S.N.A.C.K. in your face. It was thrown or tossed (however you choose to see it) onto our opened tables. No familiar plastic trays or compartments of food. They were pre-wrapped in plastic.

morning snack

Custard Croissant, Muffin and a fruit salad made the breakfast snack. In all fairness, it was befitting for a snack.Save for the buttery moist muffin and fruit salad, I got my tum filled.

dinner snack UA

On the flight back, with managed expectations...I was still disappointed. At least a plastic tray! Once again dinner snack was served in a plastic wrap.

Cold chicken-cheese sandwich, a surprisingly zesty lemon biscuit and a bag of chips. Subway would have been better, at least.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. yap. i flew to HK on 23Dec. had the EXACT same meal as you. not to mention the stewardess came round only twice in 4 hours to serve drinks.

    I wonder how much money they save, as a percentage to the money they make, considering the seats already cost hundreds. even a 2hr bangkok flight on other asian airlines gives u a proper meal and lots of drinks.

  2. wow, they don't even bother changing the menu! exactly...i'll think more than twice to fly with united again.