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A jolly season: Kueh Lapis Logcake @ Fullerton Hotel

Call me rebellious but I repeated history with Fullerton. The flurry of choices that flooded the christmas logcake menu was too much to digest.  Bidding temporal goodbye to my ultimate chestnut cheese logcake from Hilton, we were torn between Pina Colada from Sheraton and Kueh Lapis from Fullerton.

kueh lapis log

It could have been CNY looming that swayed me in the direction of Fullerton's signature. Covered in a thin chocolate blanket, this kueh lapis logcake barely looked like one in its rectangular outfit. Crumbly macaron shells and sugar beads adorn the otherwise chocolate glistened block.


The kueh lapis was dry and a tad too dense. For once, I actually thought more oil and perhaps an extra egg or two would have made this a whole lot better. Healthy kueh lapis anyone?  

I have nobody to blame but my fickle greedy self for a mistake, never again please.Lacklustre dumplings and now logcake, I am more or less done with my Fullerton adventure.

$38, 500gsm

Fullerton Hotel

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  1. I like my kueh lapis to be oozing with oil haha. omg now I'm craving kueh lapis! I must go get some today. Hmm... where would you recommend for good kueh lapis? Bengawan Solo's pretty decent!

  2. hi ice! happy new year too!! saw that uve started ur kueh lapis trail..*drools* ive not quite found THE kueh lapis but have to agree bengawan solo does a mean one, even those from batam are a tad too oily. I quite like indo deli's tho..

  3. oh yes, coffee bean's are not bad surprisingly!

  4. There are actually 2 types of Kue Lapis from Batam. One is made from original butter (price approx
    $23), which is the reason why they seems a bit oily, while the other one is the standard margarine baked, which cost usually $10 (direct buy)-