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A jolly season: Durian Icecream Logcake @ Swensens

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I'm not sure when the fascination over icecream cake started. Angie the Choice used to be the regular birthday cake of choice, icecream cake of course. Back in those times, it felt extra special saying "I had an icecream cake for my birthday" as opposed to the usual blackforest cake with cherries all over. I remember my favourite Yam icecream cake and there was a hazelnut favourite which was phased out sooner than thought.

Then came Gelare with the half price waffles that were more famous and popular than their icecream cakes.

Swensens had always been in the backdrop, a silent contributor to the supply of icecream cakes. Earthquake, sundaes and icecream popsicles were one of the many that are part of the teenage craze.

Fast forward years later, R did a random pickup of an icecream logcake at Swensens for christmas.

durian log

The flavours available makes choosing a task for the indecisive. Chendol and Durian stood out for its local flavour. Chendol in a cone was very acquired...not too sure if I'll ever welcome coconut, redbeans and jelly in an icecream but I'm still a fan of it in shaved ice.


I had my reservations about durian though, even the relatives echoed that Swensen's icecream has hardly been that outstanding given the extra tough competition. Yet, durian sparkled and shined and stunk the air so bad, I conceded defeat. Every durian fan's dream, this is surely no Mao Shan Wang but the rich and creamy finish was hard to miss. Coated with a layer of fresh cream and paired with white chocolate, I actually liked the combination! The most unlikely find this christmas!



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  1. Merry Christmas Phoebe & Chloe! haha I bought kueh lapis yesterday lol. Going to get more!