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House of Soya Bean @ Zion Road Food Center

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soya bean zion road

SoyaBeancurd ($1.20)

Move over Selegie, Rochor and Jollibean...all hail soyabean curd royalty - House of Soya Bean. A hidden gem, I call it. Most unassuming corner with newspaper articles and Michelle Chia as a badge of awareness, it has had its fair share of publicity. The softest and wobbliest and may I add freshest ever tasted.  

In the most taiwanese comical way ever...怎么可能好吃?! A pity it wasn't serve scalding tongue hot but just lukewarm...yet it was sublime. 

I'll be back, for a heartbeat. 

House of Soya Bean
70 Zion Rd Zion Riverside Food Ctr Stall 14

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  1. Haha u like ur beancurd served scalding tongue hot?! There was once i really scalded my tongue cuz i didnt know it was that hot. So sad. Haha

  2. oops...haha, but i like it hot. :P