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Tampopo Re-loved @ Liang Court

4:40 PM , 6 Comments

I like it when the favourites are consistently good, the same kind of satisfaction I once derived with the very first bite. To cut the long story short, I insisted on a detour to Liang Court just for Tampopo to pick up tea even though I was already bursting at the seams after an uber filling lunch.


Cream Puff ($2.60)

I wish I have another description for this addiction. Choux puff baked to such perfection, nobody does it quite like Tampopo though the sis concurs that Beard Papa's version is equally mean. The squirt of cream is beyond delicious...the fullness of the smooth cream. Getting my face willingly smeared with cream is only part and parcel of this dirty affair of eating.


If they made an icecream of this, I swear eternal love.


Macha Chiffon ($5)

The green tea was a tad heavy with the powdery aftertaste so evident. Azuki beans and green tea seem to be such great partners, most confectioneries have made a dessert of this combination. The chiffon wasn't as pillowy soft as the rest of the chiffons though. I actually prefer Breadtalk's green tea red bean cake to this, unfortunately. One of those times that less is really more. 

K Ki got me lusting over their mousse cakes, Icecream chefs got me weak in the gut over their kaya lottee, Jollibean had me head over heels with their peanut minjiang kuehs and finally Tampopo, I embraced vanilla cream with so much love...cream puffs should never be waved off as just another dessert.

It's like renewing your vows for a loved one, I rekindled this puff passion once again.

Tampopo Deli
Liang Court Baement

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  1. Power puff! Beard Papa's nowhere near! Oh man, I can feel the love of the cold vanilla bean cream on my face. (:

  2. heh, same here! im a diehard tampopo fan. beard papa's not in the radar! :) sigh, i want my cream puff SOON!

  3. i never really thought about it till you said it... someone shld really tampopo to roll out those vanilla bean ice creams!

  4. i like this one as well, a bit pricey though

  5. heh it's another case of "all good things come at a price".