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A Singaporean Waffle Story: Udders @ East Coast Road

10:35 AM 2 Comments

Udders is a challenge both in the East and West. The queues that swarm to it like bees to honey is beyond comprehension. This particular outlet was so crowded and buzzing with activity, all I did the whole time I was there was concentrate on my order quick enough to get out. I can barely hear myself speak, much less breathe!


Waffles ($2.50)

These tasted like crisp pancakes with the cake tendency that was evident in most of the local waffles.


Won't say it's a letdown, best eaten when served piping hot..else risk a waffle without bite towards the end. I say all hail Icecream chefs for THE waffle!


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  1. Have you tried Ice Edge's & Icekimo's waffles? Heard they're not bad. I'm not a fan of waffles but I love Icekimo's Horlicks with Maltesers & Dino Milo ice creams.

    There's also Brussels Sprouts' homemade Belgian waffles. I think theirs should be authentically Belgian.

  2. @ ice: nope...shall bear that in mind if I ever go there! Oh forgot all about brussel sprouts! haha...