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A Singaporean Waffle Story: Icecream Chefs

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Not too long ago, Icecream chefs added waffle cones and belgian waffles to their icecream about milkshakes next?

I was all excited about the cones but these were crumblier than usual, not a fan of those.

Waffles are the weakest dessert link, just like burgers on the menu. I had to give it a go somehow and all it took was two minutes. To be honest my hopes were not kept too high after several disappointments...lo and was a short two minutes wait. Coloured a lovely golden brown...most pass the colour test infact.

horlicks + waffle

A bite and I was almost certain for that split nano-second, I found the closest to Belgium already. It's the bread texture that I miss so much! Save for a chewy texture that would have been the perfect alternative, it was reaaaaaaaal close. Thick dense waffle, you surprised me Ice-cream chefs! Paired with my Milo icecream and then Horlicks was plain decadence.

That already gives me more reason to love Icecream Chefs for being an East gem!

Waffle with single scoop icecream ($4.90)

Icecream Chefs
East Coast Road

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  1. i'll try this sometime to find out how an authentic belgian waffle tastes like (: