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Rich and Good Swissrolls!

12:24 PM 3 Comments


One look and I knew they were from Good and Rich.
One bite and it sealed the confirmation with a stamp of approval. The familiar cottony soft cake and a whiff of the delicious pandan.
One piece after another, I could have embarrassed myself to no end if I stood by the plate any longer.
One favourite, kaya.

Rich and Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. have you tried the durian roll? i like it as much as the kaya one!

  2. Yes to kaya! Have you tried the durian rolls? My mom likes it, I don't coz I don't like durian haha. I think it will taste nice frozen though, like ice cream cake.

  3. @ jer lin & ice: you both suggested the same! i thk i tried once but it didnt resonate well with me. :P still a kaya lover. ^^