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Pasta De Waraku @ Illuma, Bugis

When Waraku first ventured into pasta, it took some getting used to. I remember being in awe of the plates of pasta on display, they were made to such realism. I cannot help but reduce my expectations of a Japanese interpretation of an Italian signature. 

Still a fan of their refreshing salads, methinks it's the tangy sauce that they use!

Fish Roe Pasta

Pasta cooked al dente, tossed in fish roe. Simplicity at best, I actually liked how this was done.

Peppering it with the must haves; parmesan cheese and chilli flakes. Honestly...I doubt the italians eat their pasta with chilli flakes.

Chicken Pasta

A pasta version of Tonkatsu-don except that rice was replaced with spaghetti. I prefer the rice version better though. The sweetness of the egg paired with breaded chicken cutlet, the cutlet probably had too much tendon.

Hamburg Steak

Totally old school with the hot plate presentation, carrots roughly diced and scattered, potato wedges and hamburg steak covered in mushrooms and tomatoes. Mashed too soft, once again not a fan.

Pasta De Waraku is for affordable Japanese-Italian fare, but given that...make wise pasta choices. 

Pasta De Waraku

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  1. fellow beef lover, did that hamburg satisfy you at all??

  2. definitely NOT! :( wrong choice i guess...mental note: never attempt hamburg steaks at jap places.

  3. i've made that mental note as well after trying that steak last time. beefy minds think alike lol

  4. ^5!! now im craving for a good steak. dang!