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Tonkichi @ Orchard Central

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tonkichi at 313

Orchard Central opened a new outlet, probably not such new news afterall and I blame it on my muted sense of direction whenever I visit OC to venture beyond the basic floors. Just taking a nanosecond to whine about its poor design where navigation is pure rocket science. Illuma is another which strikes a raw nerve. Anyhow, be prepared to wait 30 minutes on a weekend, considerably bearable given the queues almost everywhere else.

ooooo japan!

A nice japanese touch to the place, can't quite put my finger to what exactly but it's the colours and lights perhaps?

sesame seeds grinding

Sesame seeds to pound, at long last. I always hardly have the luck with it, the gf insisted it was for the ramen though I really think it's for tonkatsu. The fragrance that emits from the pounding is...raving mad awesome.

tonkichi set

Prawn and Rosu Katsu set ($22.90)


I was purely just interested in this so ask me not why I ordered prawn to go with it. Fresh crunchy prawn (not in the bi-carbonate way), I actually liked it enough to wish there were more.

Back to the Rosu Pork that I enjoyed tremendously the last few visits. Don't get me wrong, it is still oiishii in a "top of the league" way but the combination of bread crumbs and solidified oil towards the end of the meal got to meal. No doubt the pork was tender and the bread crumbs fingerlicking good.

slurpilicious sauce

This made all the pounding worthwhile! A tangy sticky sauce that coats around the breaded meats resulting in such yummy dinner fare.


Ramen that the gf did not finish, which speaks volumes I guess.

The issue about food tasting the way it first did always is an issue. Rarely is the enjoyment/satisfaction ever the same and I get that with Tonkichi, visit after visit. I wonder if it's really me or the tastebuds have gotten more spoilt.

Methinks I need to search for another Tonkatsu specialist...any suggestions?

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  1. i heard saboten at parco millenia walk is god!

  2. Saboten at Parco Milenia Walk, really similar menu to Tonkichi!

  3. @ daniel & jerlin: having two foodies suggest saboten means alot...shall try that next!!

  4. Hi. Was just wondering if you meant Tonkichi in Orchard Central instead of 313? Coz' it looks like the Orchard Central branch and based on your description of the design of the building, think you probably meant OC? :)

  5. annon: oops, made the amendment. :Pthanks for pointing out!