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Jones The Grocer @ Mandarin Gallery 2

Dinner at Jones was unplanned totally because of the snaking queues and non-reservation policy at Wild Honey. For groups larger than 6, Wild Honey is definitely not recommended and they would not budge to make any allowances either; at best offering you a table for 6 requiring you to huddle together. In comparison, Jones was less popular for obvious reasons, the price and a limited menu.

Mushroom Risotto ($25.50)
Made with mushroom stock

Risottos are extreme foods for me, either a love or hate. The grains still required plenty of chewing and the broth was a tad salty. Coming from a non-risotto person I did not think too highly of this though the risotto fan lapped it up happily.

Jones Open Wagyu Beef Burger ($26.50)
Roasted tomato, rocket salad, cheese with jones balsamic onion jam

I was all set on Grilled Chicken but the burger option was too distracting to ignore.

"Medium please." I smiled at the waiter.

I was most expecting a juicy slab of wagyu seared to my pretty pink. Remember all the annoying instances when they checked on the doneness and turned out otherwise? Those, are major major major food peeves. My rationale has always been, ask only if it will be delivered.

I kid you not when the jaw dropped upon cutting upon the beef. The tummy plummeted a few more storeys when the morsel was put in the mouth.

Salty. Salty. Salty. Just the way an overprocessed chunk would me. No sign of pink, no sign of juices, no  nothing. Wagyu? My royal bottom. I stared at the larger than life-sized patty and it looked back at me. You know how food portions seem to inflate when it is unpalatable? That was exactly the case.

Everything else but the wagyu was yummy. From the herb dusted panfried potato wedges to the addictive creamy sauce to the appetite inducing rocket salad to caramelised onions on top the crustiest of breads. The bread gave me a "Back to Paris" moment, the density of the dough and crusty sides...I was so close to buying a loaf back!

$32 later, it was one of the priciest burgers which did not match up in taste.

The gang put together a cake platter for the birthday girl...ingenious methinks and it quelled any curiosity of Jones' desserts.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strongly recommended by the Jones' regular, I found this above average with a not to coarse-not too soft sponge, light chantilly cream and plump strawberries. Arguably one of the better ones on the plate.

Fruit Tarts (Blueberry, Strawberry)

Crunchy tarts nabbed these top spots on my chart. Relished the almond fragrance these had.


Looked dry and wasn't a clear favourite.

Tarts (Chocolate, Lemon Meringue)

Comparatively, these were not crunchy but pasty. Lemon Meringue was a complete disaster; grainy torched marshmellow on top sour curd.

Blueberry Cheesecake 

Does not rival Hilton's one bit but this was far decent amongst the platter with a firm cheesecake.

Brunch is far more pocket friendly than dinner, expectedly. A pricey mediocre affair was what dinner was all about. I'll stick with Brunch if I have to.

Jones The Grocer
Mandarin Gallery

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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