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Frementle Fish Market @ Clarke Quay

Lunching at Clarke Quay's on weekdays is a penny-wise option, choose from a wide range of eateries for an affordable $15 nett throughout, ranging from 2 - 3 courses. Plus, parking is free from 12-3pm!

Freementle's a new kid on the block, stretching at least three shop spaces. Ordering is a breeze but waiting time for the food took on another agenda of its own.


Appetizers: Choice of salad or seafood minestrone

Fiery looking minestrone that was a tad sour for some but I found it tangy with vegetable chunks and one measly juicy mussel to fulfil the "seafood" requirement. Pity this was served warm and not piping hot. Paired with a soft wedge of bread, the appetizer was more than decent.


Premium Battered Fish and Chips

It arrived on a chopping board with a mountain of ingredients. Mighty looking as compared to the cod at least! Loved the bowl of salad greens with a toss of tangy sauce and toasted bread cruttons.

The fish was fried so crisp, the oil levels were jawdropping but oh-so-good. Take a dip in either chilli or tartare sauce, fish and chips never tasted better. Unlike dory fish that is used in most fish and chips, this had a certain bite despite the tenderness instead of plain mush. Bore reminiscence of the now defunct Fisherman's Wharf. Two large fillets were not difficult to finish but the after effects were almost immediate -- the inevitable fullness that was almost stifling.

Thick cut fries fried just right, Frementle's fish and chips are one of those that I'd remember for a long time. If only there were just that dash of vinegar to make it perfect.


The same salad as the starters so be wise, opt for the soup!

the other fish dish

Link Cod with Pumpkin Risotto

This replaced Barramundi. Firm meat with panfried crisp exterior, I liked the fish but not a fan of the risotto somehow. Never been a fan, still not a fan. Portions for this was a tad on the small side.

panna cotta

Panna cotta

Made with fish gelatin, these are certified "safe for consumption for Muslims" by the kitchen. My Malay companions still chose to head for coffee instead of Panna Cotta.

panna cotta cups

Cups so pretty with an equally cute shell-shaped spoon too! Soft curd like consistency with vanilla fragrance, I was scrapping the bottom for more. Comes with lychee encased in all the pudding, it tasted much like longan which was a case of debate amongst us all.

A lunch that dragged on for nearly 2 hours, most involuntarily. From the appetizers to mains to dessert and even the bill. It was all of 3 tables for lunch and we had to wait that long, I cannot fathom if it were fullhouse. Nonetheless, Frementle serves up an incredible good deal for lunch, especially so for Fish and Chips that I am ready to return to inspite of the sinful calories.

I've not been to the famed one in Aussie yet but for now, this is good enough an alternative to run of the mill Fish&Co or ManHatten's Fish Market. Did I mention their seafood platters are tempting too?

Frementle Fish Market
Clarke Quay
Block E

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  1. Fish + pumpkin risotto? Sold. $15 nett? I'm there LOL.