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Fou De Fa Fa @ Capital Tower Revisited

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fou de fa fa

Adhoc lunch with the bestie cum funniest companion alive, it's amazing how a lady of few words can say the darndest things and crack me up so much. I figure a string of smses that will come shooting at me once this entry goes out. Anyhow, was a great meetup my dear, amidst the hustle and bustle of work...Fou De Fa Fa, like its cute moniker like wonderland.

love the clock

How uncanny is it to have an upside down clock too, I was still as amused by it. We honestly lost track of time because of it!

Lunch crowds stream in more than readily and be ready to sit out in the sun to bake if it gets to crowded inside. If you're lucky enough to nab a seat, be ready to stick of lunch thereafter.


Machoman Salad ($15.50)
Tortilla chips, curry cream, cheese, sausage, chicken, tomatoes

A deluded salad, or so the companion claims. This is one meaty salad that would cause much misery to the hardcores. Ingredients spill over so to the extent that the plate can barely contain it. Love how the greens, chips and flurry of meats can cause such joy. Savoury thick chicken cuts and sausage slices add much flavour to the curried salad with hints of wasabi. It amazes me there is so much going on in the salad but comes together so awesomely.

Hearty, is more than suffice to describe lovely the flavours are when put together. Tortilla chips makes this more like a snack than salad, soothes the hunger pangs by quite abit...if I could, I certainly do not mind having this snack replacement as and when! Main grouse being the salad taste lingers on longer than desired.

waffles with icecream @ fou de fafa

Waffle with Ice-cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce ($6.90)

Cognitive psychology played a huge part in this order. Like missing letters in sentences, you can almost decipher what it means naturally because of the way the mind is framed and trained. Okay, that was perhaps a sub-par analogy but the point about this is...I expected my waffle to be crispy and fluffy or at most soft and moist, whichever way you take it...the normal expectation would fall somewhere in between.

Here comes a plate with a heavily drizzled chocolate sauced-waffle and a poorly shaped icecream ball. Poking the fork in was by far, the strangest thing ever. It was a crunchy waffle, so crunchy there was barely a hint of dough within. Of which the waiter got defensive about the obviously fried waffle that was never meant to be fluffy. Deepfried it was to such crunchiness, my grandma would have problems with it. Why not add in "Crunchy" to the waffle to clear things up abit? That being said, after soaking in the icecream for a weebit, it was soggy. So there you have it, either a way too crunchy or soggy waffle...try catching it in between.

It's no belgian waffle, neither is it an instant waffle...this is Fou De Fa Fa's version. Take it, or leave it.

I still adore Fou De Fa Fa for the wholesome food and quirky ambience. Not too high on the service levels, witnessed the same waiter snapping at a customer who requested for water. No doubt it is self service, some warmth could have helped.

Fou De Fa Fa
Capital Tower

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  1. the waffles was disappointing, but the lunch date totally made up for that:)

  2. absolutely ;) can't wait for the next!