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Flor Patisserie @ Duxton Hill

Flor at duxton

Flor has been blogged to death already by now...and finally I paid homage to Chef Yamashita! Even on a Sunday afternoon, human traffic at the store was brisk mostly comprising of Japanese customers who swiped the cakes off the shelves so speedily. Any delay would risk a "sold out" tag.

Tea time is from 3-6pm daily and do keep an eye on their tea time specials or end up paying more for ala carte.


Could not resist a shot of the flowers that brighten up any table.


The trio that caught our attention. Order your cake over the counter, pay up and wait for them to be served.

Berry Berries

Berry Berries ($5.50)

This resembled a certain strawberry shortcake and tasted like one though it was christianed otherwise. The least favourite of the lot, perhaps the complexity of the flavours were limited to the berries on top...simply a shortcake if I had to describe it.

Waguri Millefeuille

Waguri Millefeuille ($6.50)

Touted as their bestseller, I can understand why. The fragrance that wafted up our nostrils was bewildering, with every pierce of the fork...we seemed to be opening a cake-dora's box of somesort, totally unexpected finds. This combines chestnut swirls from my favourite mont blanc and crispy layers of mille feuille and sponge too!

Destroying this is too simple. Beyond the chestnut twirls, incredibly crispy layers and soft sponge was delectable swirls of cream. So far, only Rive Gauche, K Ki and Flor have got me all excited about their cream and lapping them up so enthusiastically.

Flor retains it's Japanese touches with its comparatively lighter chestnut paste as opposed to K Ki's Mont Blanc. Oh yes, Mont Blanc's a seasonal at Flor!

Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc ($6.20)

Another hugely raved about. The yogurt-curd-milk pudding on top had a thing of its own going on, the lovely sour milky taste. Delve further to my kinda tart base. Rich, dense and impossibly delightful. Pity this got a tad heavy towards the end.

Flor's cakes as seen from these three are richer and heavier in flavour than Glace, a different kind of Japanese confectionery altogether.

Even as we left, Japanese families were still streaming in. Talk about full community support! The warmth and hospitality is infectious, I almost feel bad not ordering after walking in.

Till the next visit...~

Flor Patisserie
Duxton Hill (stone's throw away from Uluru)

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