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Custard Pau-ducation

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Custard Pau and Egg Yolk Custard Pau are worlds apart, I realise after several misadventures and getting most crestfallen after I peel open the pau with such delight only to be greeted with disappointment. Although both have similar monikers, the chinese translation does give it away. .

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Some have slammed this as bad but I beg to differ. As large as my fist, these orange babies were steamed so hot I nearly dropped it removing the wrapper from the bun. Pry open and be greeted by a mushrooming cloud of steam before the molten lava spills out and attempts to scald the fingers almost unapologetically. Slightly sweetened bun envelopes a generous portion of egg yolk custard...still delicious after 1 dine in and 3 takeaways.

This is surely no molten pau but the black sesame by Crystal Jade is less stellar, just not too bad.

奶皇飽 is no 流沙飽.
流沙 loosely means flowing custard.

Pathetic. Ok, pathetic when compared to the flowing custard but on its own it was simply custard curd. My bad for comparing a 奶皇飽 and expecting it to be flowing custard.

The verdict on Xin Wang's 奶皇飽? Plain tasting custard with stiff buns. for the bill!

At $2.80/3 pcs, I would happily trade them for my Tiong Bahru tau sar paus anyday.

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