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Charly T @ NOMU

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Charly T reminds of a bistro version of Wild Honey, in the aspect of globalisation of menu. The story goes along the lines of the owner wanting to share his food adventures. Picking the more outstanding ones, he has since opened Charly T sharing the gems.

Cutlery too cute to resist.

Quarter German Rotisserie Chicken with 2 sauces and 2 sides ($13)
Garlic Fried Rice, Mac N Cheese
Sauces: Chermoula with cilantro, garlic and cayenne pepper, Mild Charly T Signature Sauce

The sorriest Mac and Cheese, ever. Just macaroni shells with tomato paste and barely there cheese.

Garlic Fried Rice was equally unsavory.

No wonder they say stick to chicken. Succulent and firm chicken. Felt this was a mismatch with the chicken.

Casablanca Chicken Wrap ($11)
Served with Garden Salad
Sauces: Ginger & Lemon Japanese Soy, Spicy Charly T Signature Sauce

Grilled Pita Bread stuffed with chicken and lettuce and rolled like a popiah. The sauces were dripping from the roll quite nearly, overpowering the chicken.

Found this a tad overwhelming with sauces so much so, the tastebuds get distracted with the myriad of flavours from the sauces. A bit of tangy, a bit of sour, a bit of salty gets you easily confused.

Pairing it with even more sauces seem to tilt this dish in disfavour. Not a fan, not liking the sauces though ginger and lemon did resemble Hainanese Chicken Rice condiment.

Charly T
NOMU Building

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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