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House @ Dempsey 2

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I somehow reignited this obsession with ambience and the original White Rabbit ran away resulting in R and I seeking refuge at House on a weekend evening. Bad timing for Dempsey especially so if you do not have reservations made. Asecond visit back at Barracks though nothing much changed only with a few new additions to the Skinny Pizza range.

Ginger Butter Chicken ($21)
Chicken breast slow cooked in Indian spices, Coriander, Cashew nuts, Red Onion, Yogurt, Salsa

Chat Masala does the meanest Butter Chicken ever. Ginger was barely there here whilst the butter chicken was just curry chicken. The curry blend was mild, I somehow like it spicier and with more punch. Given the proportion of expats frequenting, I suppose that is the reason why this was made more touristy than not in terms of taste.

Ahi Taki ($25)
Yellow fin tuna chunks, Herb mix, Pistachios, Port-soaked raisins, Yogurt, Herb roasted tomatoes

Ahi Taki because they were sold out then! Avocado anything blows my socks off, and this one was decent. Way better than Ginger Butter Chicken! I found love in the raisins, pisatchios and tuna chunks! Loved how the chunks were rolled in herbs.

That being said of the flavours, I have still quite alot of getting used to do for cracker-based pizzas. It somehow does not work as well. Lacks a certain satisfaction that bread-based pizzas would otherwise attain.

Sweet Potato Nibblets ($7)
Tossed in sesame seeds

More than just nibbles, these are a healthier alternative to fries. Mashed sweet potato shaped like fries, coated with cinnamon powder and sugar and fried.

Cutesy ketchup and chilli sauce.

House is not the top of the list to-go places in Dempsey..I do appreciate the concept of House though, with various concepted all under one roof! With an uber cool waxing bar concept in-house, I already like House for other reasons. ;)


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