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Romantic treasures in Rothenburg: Backerei Striffler

Romantic Road in Germany was not on the agenda when we first decided on Frankfurt. It was a TV Programme featuring Kay Tse that got us all excited about these postcard-worthy towns. One of which, Rothenburg generated much interested because it featured schneeballs, a snack that is unique to Rothenburg. In the same travel programme, Kay dropped by this particular outlet - Backerei Striffler, a family run traditional business.

Emblems on their gates.

Schneeballs on display: Powdered Sugar, Chocolate, Crystal Sugar, Almonds, Original.

Original Schneeball (1,45€) are deepfried pastry balls shaped like snowballs. Comes in two sizes, the large and small...for sampling purposes we headed for the small. This crumbled so easily, not quite melt in your mouth finish but of looser texture. Pity there was an annoying oily after taste very common in pre-fried snacks, especially more so when there is no added flavour to mask it. Not much bite nor taste, it was a slight disappointment in fact. I was expecting a sweeter crunchier snack.

Backerei Striffler
Near Crime Museum

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  1. Looks good, taking note of your food trip in case, i get the chance to go there :)

  2. heh you should do short trips around!! that's the charm of big countries~ Germany's quite alluring outside the city proper *hee*