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許留山 Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong

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許留山 is another Hongkong signature that lines the streets, nearly every turn gets you an outlet...that's how impressively accessible they are!

The crowds even nearing midnight.

Mango Platter (HKD 38), looks quite huge in portions? On the small side but was a reasonable size for supper. I love platters, the best of all worlds.

Mango glutinous ball with mango slices. The glutinous ball is much like ondeh ondeh, just that the dough was just normal, not the usual fragrant and smooth ondeh ondehs.

Mango dessert soup with mochi. The mochi was disappointing, not QQ but dense. The dessert soup was lacking in taste, rather bland.

A clear favourite, mango sorbet with chewy clear jelly!



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龟苓膏 @ Hongkong

Blackened thick jelly with a herbal after taste, I relied on this throughout the 4 days I was in Hongkong to reduce the heatiness of all the food I was gorging myself silly with. Works wonders really.

Near the hotel were 2 outlets, they are all over Hongkong. The funny thing about Hongkong is, the outlets can be just a street away or just shops away.

龟苓膏surprisingly reminds me of childhood, the Mom used to dutifully serve this as a dessert and I acquired a liking for this bitter jelly. Cans of these can be found in our local supermarts but taste more like black jelly than the real McCoy. The traditional me says 苦口良药, why eat it sweet if it's meant to be bitter and unpleasant? Has to have some goodness in all that bitter! The good thing is, they're usually served with honey.

海天堂龟苓膏 (HKD 50)

Everything in chinese!

Dig desserts served in such porcelain pots.

They branded everything...right down to the sugar!

A moustachio-ed middle aged man is the "mascot" for this brand, one whom I assume is the founder. Between this and the other one we tried, the taste is much stronger, the consistency of the jelly is thicker too.

尖沙咀金馬倫道 7A-7B,B鋪 (近地鐵站B出口)

恭合堂龟苓膏 (HKD 42)

See them cauldrons? An indication of traditional desserts and teas.

They've merged tradition and modern quite well...龟苓膏's not your thing? Try the 龟苓tea!

Black never tasted so good.

The lady here was most unhelpful and sulky, she muttered under her breath "4 people sharing one *tsk*" That is a bite of Hongkong for you, gone are the days where the service folks are most accomodating, they speak their mind as it is. That aside, 龟苓膏 had a jell-o smooth consistency, not as thick as 海天堂.

I don't mind both but ended up heading to the latter for seconds.

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Mister Softee @ Hongkong

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What a sight! A mini-van dishing out soft serve ice-cream...I wish I had the ice-cream van part of my childhood memory bank. Colourful van parked along the nightmarket stretch, near Mongkok's not that difficult to spot but I guess you've got to be in luck to spy it!

=) I would not miss buying an ice-cream from a van...hecking the already stuffed tum, I went straight for their soft serve.

HKD 7 for a cone of history. The ice-cream melts quite fast! I've got a quirk in me to be embarrassingly honest, I dig ice-creams that are white, like white wash kind of white rather than the tinge of cream. So this was really white, darlie white. There's a taste of whipped cream and milk powder and very thin in consistency, definitely lacking the whole creamy package that icecreams of thesedays that I'm spoilt with. The cone was crunchy enough. It's entirely for the experience than taste, really.

Mister Softee Van

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罗坤发粉面厰 @ Mongkok, Hongkong

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The most unexpected purchase ever, I have to admit. I thought the Wet market walk was just to experience a real wetmarket. The real wetmarket Hongkong has is obviously different from ours at home, complete with fluffy fowl of all sorts (pigeons, chickens, ducks...). We mucked around the stalls..think loud blasting radio with "Pork news" (How original! Just to draw attention to their fresh pork stall), Roast meats, sorts!

And then, there was this particular noodle stall that garnered the most activity and attention.

Famous they are, with all the writeups. Rule of thumb: No matter where you are, as long as there's written proof of your popularity, you really can't quite go wrong..

The auntie picking out noodles for us.

Green, yellow...all sorts, sesame, spinach...wanton noodles..all handmade. Charged by weight. The parents emptied the loose change for bags of this.

There you go! A bowl of piping hot handmade spinach noodle. The noodles are pretty tasty and chewy.

With all the effort put in just to get it, I say...really hard-earned bowl of noodle. Maybe that made it extra delicious.

旺角 侨明大厦 (Near Mongkok Wet Market)

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Kanamizu Sushi @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong

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I had to have Japanese just once in Hongkong because it's more affordable and the quality's better. The parents chanced upon this HKD98 special and insisted we check it out.

Regular conveyor belt seats.

Black seems to be their theme.

Alright, the HKD98 set. The mastery of marketing.

Note: You only get to choose 1 from each category, instead of the initial misunderstanding of 6 items for HKD98. At this point I wish I hopped over to Itacho that was also having a HKD 99 promotion, 5 dishes!

Choose 1 from each;
  • Sashimi/Ebi/Sea Urchin
  • Beef cubes/Cheese Oyster/forgot whatelse.

Uber cool wasabi box! The wasabi's so pungent and fresh, loving it!

Green Tea

Well marbled pieces of sashimi, sinewy and very fresh.

Spot my greedy dollop of wasabi.

火炭壽司拼盤(HKD 24)

A selection of grilled sushi. Eel, crab meat, salmon..prawn...burnt to perfection. The flavours are well chosen and each piece was simply Oiishii! I adore how the ball of rice is skillfully kneaded into a ball and proportions are just right! Those in Singapore tend to have too much rice.

(HKD 17)

Mango slices are so thin but the portion of egg roe is so generous! Found this ordinary.

Set (牛柳 + 三文魚刺身, 6 pcs) (HKD 98)

Rice (HKD 11)

Stir fried beef cubes rounded off the meal so nicely. Juicy beef cubes were well marinated with garlic. Enough "Wok Hei" ! The salad was equally outstanding.

Overall, a satisfying meal despite the initial reservations. Service is just alright. Price wise, very affordable...surpasses Sakae, taste wise surpasses Sushi Tei. There you have it, bargain worthy Japanese food in Hongkong. Great deals aplenty for Japanese food in Hongkong, most Japanese restaurants slash their prices by half after 9pm.

Kanamizu Sushi
No. 8 Granville Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

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四季煲仔飯 @ Yau Ma Tei, Hongkong

Claypot rice is another of Hongkong's signature must trys. I did not research beforehand on this as Hing Kee reviews were rather bad. So, the same rule of thumb in true Singaporean style applies, queues!

This place was packed with queues snaking too. A check with a native Hongkie reaffirmed our choice, "Much better than Hing Kee" was his kind advice. The less than stellar shop outlay, Four Seasons Claypot lacks a proper signboard!

With a makeshift oyster egg stall outside. The sis and I stole away from the queues to shop around..

The supposedly famous Hing Kee that all tourist guides are plugging.

Move down one street, at least TWO other shops also called Hing Kee. Talk about confusion.

Back to Four Seasons! Filled with people, best of all, natives.

The hkies know how to maximise their space, plastering every visible inch with something that hopefully catches the customer's eye.

Not the most hygienic way.

炸蠔餅 (HKD 20 small)

It's actually duck egg oyster omelette. Very oily and fried to a crisp. Tasted more or less like oyster egg but I was addicted to how crispy this omelette is.

Two types of vegetables, both very oily. Liked the diluted fermented tofu as a side!

北菇滑雞飯 (HKD 21)

These come naked. You've got to throw in dashes of sesame oil and dark sauce and flavour it accordingly. I was most amused seeing another table of tourists eating it neat.

田雞滑雞飯 (HKD 40)

Both reasonably priced, the claypot rice had that claypot fragrance that is ambrosial. A jaw-drop worthy moment came when the preserved sausage it was served with was not sliced but served in whole, literally "lock stock and barrel" just chucked into the claypot and left to sizzle. The oily greasy feeling, never felt so good.



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Tai Cheong Bakery @ Lydhurst Terrace, Hongkong

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The much coveted mustard yellow box, like our rosewood red equivalent.

We have our hole in the cake.

They have their scrummy yummy lustful lardful TAI CHEONG EGG TARTS.

From Chris Patten to a noob from overseas like me, we are all ardent fans.

HK's ex-governer, Chris Patten adores them...nearly every food guide glorifies them. Just two streets away from Luk Yu and Lin Heung, Tai Cheong's accessible. Not to be mistaken by Tai Cheung Pawnshop around the corner too!

Boxes piled high to cater to the demands.

Mortar brick wall that adds to the old charm of this bakery.

The star of the shop.

And then there's a whole tray of it! Dang, should've carted the whole tray back!

The sugar glistened egg tart, so very precious.

Egg Tart (HKD 5)

Freshly baked daily, these babies are to-die for! The crust is quite unlike those I've ever eaten before, thick with butter, the crust melts in your mouth like a shortcake, the custard within is runny, smooth and rich at the same time. Who cares about the lard that goes into it at this point, the egg tart can be slurped down, almost drunk down literally. Major pity came when we attempted Tai Cheong's the next day, the tarts were slightly over baked...but still as sinful.

Tai Cheong's got other offerings too, great for souvenirs!

Soft Candies (3 for HKD 20)
Peanut Candies (3 for HKD 20)

I made a selection of crunchy peanut/sesame sweets and ginger/mixed nut soft candies.

The sweets are slightly sweet but tasted of the dessert, solidified. The black sesame candies bear a strong hint of the black sesame dessert. The nut candies are like candy rocks with chockfuls of nuts, as good as a nutty muesli bar. The best part of it is, they vary in crunchiness, the sesame ones are harder than the peanut.

The soft candies were acquired. I chose ginger and mixed nut soft candy. I didn't fancy the ginger much, preferring the mixed nut.

Tai Cheong
35 Lydhurst Terrace
Central, Hongkong

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