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Seasons Reasons @ Raffles City

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Seasons Reasons is one eatery within Raffles City that I've not attempted before, a gf urged me to check it out repeatedly..I finally caved in after not being able to find another place to rest our butts.

Cute way of positioning the cutlery.

The promo goes, with every order of 2 drinks, you get 1-for-1 on the mains. The gf went for her coke and I opted for "Orange Marmalade Tea", which turned out to be 柚子茶.

The waitress cracked us up with her description of the beverage, "orange marmalade mixed with water", sounds like jam and water?

Anyhow, I love 柚子茶, especially the korean kind! Liked the orange peel bits at the bottom.

My Grilled Chicken Burger ($13), Chicken patty well charred. The chicken was juicy and well smoked. The portion was quite generous too, the burger bread and relish looked seemingly small compared to the patty. Comes with two dips, thai chilli sauce and salsa with olive oil. Thai Chilli sauce had more oomph. And to end it off, regular tasting potato wedges.

Fish and Chips ($15). Two thick fillets fried to golden brown, the flesh is firm, batter is crunchy albeit slightly oily. Once again, paired with two types of dips; mayo and thai chilli sauce.

Both dishes proved delightful, I wish I discovered this place earlier. Service was accomodating and prompt. For two, we paid $26, that's quite a steal!

Seasons Reasons
Raffles City Basement

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Mango Cake @ Prima Deli

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Mango Delight
, ranked 40th on ST's Top 50 cakes. It's one of those cakes that are not sold by slice which makes it difficult to attempt unless it's someone's birthday or there's an occasion worth celebrating. Alas, it was finally someone's birthday!

So, it's just slices of mango on top spongecake with mango slices within the whipped cream. Akin to eating soft sponge cake with a good fragrant mango. Nowhere near the "tropical delight" as described.

$36.80 for 1kg.

Prima Deli

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Ooki Taiyaki @ Raffles City

Riding on the waffle bandwagon is recently opened Ooki Taiyaki. There's a 2 for $2 promotion for Ooki Taiyaki sweet Japanese waffles. Originally priced at $1.30 for sweet, $1.80 for savoury.

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake, it was first baked by a sweet shop Naniwaya in Azabu Tokyo in 1909, and now can be found all over Japan. -- Wiki.

List of flavours at Ooki Taiyaki:
Azuki (Red Bean)
Tuna & Cheese
Ham & Cheese

Open concept kitchen, you see your waffles being made on the spot in the fish shaped mould.

Fishy business.

Azuki Red Bean, the whole red beans fill the waffle considerably, the filling's not sweet. The waffle isn't fragrant, somewhat pasty and bland.

Durian was a blend of durian pulp and corn, the creamy filling had an artificial taste about it. Same goes for the waffle. Not loving this local creation.

Not the best I've eaten, good enough for the promotion though.

Ooki Taiyaki
Raffles City Basement

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A&W @ Batam

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Those were the days where mascots were my way of identifying the fastfood restaurant.

Ronald Mcdonalds and the jing gang and Mcdonalds.
The endearing old man/chicken mascot and KFC.
The cuddly bear at A&W.

The A&W outlets locally have opened and closed and opened and then closed again over the last 10 years, the last I heard of it was at Clementi, thereafter it totally disappeared.

A&W Root Beer float! Though the canned drinks are available, nothing beats the real thing in the fastfood joint.

Curly fries and fried chicken. On the salty side.

Waffles (22,000 Rupiah which translates to $3+)! What was significantly missing was maple syrup but I didn't request for any either. Warm fluffy waffles that were slightly salty with soft serve ice-cream. I relished it though it's not the best I've eaten. Quite a steal as compared to Gelare, $3 can only get you half the waffle on Tuesdays. Satisfied the waffle craving and perhaps that bit of the past I missed.

Batam Centre

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Food @ Batamview Hotel

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The kiasu in me made sure the Batam trip was all meals inclusive as I've heard of people paying through their noses for the food. It is partially true when the Sing dollar is a largely transacted currency, more so than rupiah. The pricing of the food in hotels is almost on par with the restaurants here..think $20 for a mixed grill set, $28 for dry kueh lapis..Batam's one of those places eating out is not a cheaper alternative.

The best discovery ever! Snaked skin fruit I call it, peel off the prickly skin (I got my thumb pierced) to reveal a crunchy fruit. Very acquired taste and smell indeed but I loved it.

Seafood Dinner @ Kelong Restaurant

Tom Yum Kha, not quite similar to any tomyum soup I've consumed before...the spice level was too acute, not quite the sour-spicy delicacy I adore. Otherwise, the fish slices within were fresh.

Black Pepper Stone Crab

A huge meaty crab was served with finger licking good black pepper sauce..where's the fried mantous when I need them most?

Mixed Vegetables

The veggie lover in me says yum. Leafy kai lans that are larger than those eaten in SG.

Sweet and Sour Fish

Mmm, a nice balance of sweet and sour, the fish fillets were too soft though.

Butter Prawn

Not the freshest of prawns but thankfully not overladen with bicarbonate.

Stir Fried Beef on Hot plate

It's delicious but for $16 in Batam, it's definitely not worth the price.

Deep Fried Cuttlefish

No comments on this but the companions polished it off.

Lunch Buffet at Wangi Melati

Indonesian spread

Stir fried kai lan

Indonesian delight, kueh lapis

Strawberry Jellies


Celery Soup with Bread

Thin soup that warmed the tummy more than appealed with taste. The bread rolls seemingly left overnight.

Assorted Keropok

I was most happy to find this at the dining table, complete with 4 types of chilli paste/sauces. Crunchy snacks these are! I'd have siphoned one off gladly.

Beef Ball Soup Noodle

The only live station BUT it's a case of horror of horrors. The noodles were soggy, beef ball was bland and not palatable at all.


Flowercrab Curry

A beeline was formed everytime it was refilled which I could not fatham. The flowercrabs are arguably the prettiest crabs around but they are not as meaty nor substantially sized for easy extraction of meat. I gave up after risking de-skinning my fingers with the sharp edges.

Beef Rendang
Lamb Curry

I enjoyed both, thickly cut meats brought out the carnivore in me. The meat was slightly tough but the scrumptious curry more than made up for it.

Assam Fish Curry

Another hit with the diners, mostly Singaporeans. This tasty dish was well executed with fresh fish and spices.

Stir Fried Kai Lan


Fried Chicken Wings

Lemon grass was added to this so I guess that made it more tasty. Liked it somehow.

Prawn Curry


Kueh Lapis

I was disappointed to find it dry and hard.

Sweet Potato Kueh
Strawberry Jelly
Longan in Syrup

Of the lot, my favourite had to be the animal shaped strawberry jelly! There were strawberry bits in the wobbly jelly with a slight flavouring too. I guess I derived the most pleasure from the simplest desserts.

Buffet Breakfast at Wangi Melati

Steamed bread
Pandan Bread
White bread
Danishes (Raisin with custard)
Kaya Steamed Pau
Waffles (Peanut Butter, Preserves, Spicy Kimchi, Butter)

The baked goods section never fails to bring a smile, especially when you're in foreign land and you're not quite up for the breakfast challenges apart from the familiar bread/porridge. I tucked greedily into the spread, loved it tremendously though you can't quite falter with bread...right? The waffles were fluffy (surprisingly better than A&W's), the pau was overflowing with homemade kaya, steamed bread's quite a first too, but tasted just like our "local bakery" bread.

Scrambled Egg
Fried Eggs
Half Boiled eggs

What's a continental breakfast without the bangers and mash?

Nasi Lemak with egg, ikan bilis, chilli paste

Their signature which was good enough. Chilli paste was still as outstanding. In true Singaporean style, the Singaporeans polished off all the chilli paste.

Congee with condiments

Gave this a miss but spied kimchi as part of the congee.

Sweet green bean porridge

My first attempt but this is a heavy coconut dessert but great for the morning! The soft green beans and sweet coconut milk, sedap sedap!

Cereal with milk

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Wan Hao @ Marriott Hotel

Riding strong on the wave of Dimsum buffet, I made an attempt on Wan Hao. Wan Hao loosely translated as a thousand pride, the place strikes me as cozy.

Brilliant way of "chessing" the occupied tables.

Packed lunch hour.

Warm water..yes, the tea/peanut charge of a reasonable $2 is acceptable.

The napkin was folded beautifully.

Well roasted lightly salted peanuts that had an addictive nutty fragrance.

Menu...the soft drinks cost an arm and a leg literally, coke for $9.50 and the works.

Dim Sum

Steamed Items

Three golden rolls.

Vietnam Vermicilli

Amongst the first few dishes to be served yet it was lukewarm, I liked it though. It's filled with shredded chicken and topped off with pork floss. The portion of pork floss was quite measly, until the superfluous at Pine Court.

Cha Siew So

The buttery pastry and honeyed sesame top reminded me a little of Malt Candy, I found the sesame seeds sticking to my teeth. Likewise, the char siew was a tad too sweet.

Pastry filled with Smoked Duck

Nice flaky pie pastry with smoked duck that did not quite taste like smoked duck. Otherwise quite good.

Luffa Melon Rolls with Vermicilli

Chewy soon kueh skin with delicious fillings. The fillings reminded me of a cantonese dish I always have "大姨妈" (Stir fried hairy gourd with shrimp and vermicilli).

Har Gau

A disappointment because it came across dry and limp, it was not served piping hot to begin with and the prawns were clumped together so tightly, it tasted as if it were steamed quite a while ago and left to cool.

Parsley Shrimp Dumpling

I found it enjoyable, a pocketful of tasty tender chicken wrapped in wanton skin.

Spicy Wanton

Neither spicy nor appetite whetting, the attempt by Pine Court was more outstanding.

Spinach Dumpling

A crystal dumpling stuffed with chopped spinach, tastewise was ordinary.

Beancurd Sheet filled with Shrimp

The filling was more of fish cake, I did not mind this too bad.

Spring Roll

On the oily side, mayo was missing.

Beancurd Sheet done in Thai Style

Not a favourite, the sweet and sour sauce was too sour for my liking.

Siew Mai

Just ordinary siew mai packed with chicken.

Chicken Roll

Tasted more like tau kua with chicken, another bland dish.

Chicken Cheong Fun

Wan Hao's interpretation was unique, paper thin rice rolls wrapped around a sliver of minced chicken, I found it quite bland however.

Glutinous Rice

The rice was chewy, ingredients were quite fresh..but was lacking the fragrance of a the Pearl Chicken.

Panfried Pumpkin

A pleasant attempt with carrot and pumpkin cubes embedded in the oily cake.

Shrimp coated with Mashed Taro

Arguably one of the most mismatched "Wu Koks" I've had, the tasteless smooth mashed taro was oily on the outside, bland on the inside..and then there was a shrimp stuffed in the middle, as if by chance. The two weren't in harmony.

Crispy Prawn Dumpling

Basically this tasted the same as the crispy prawn, oily snack.

Crispy Prawn

A knotted deep fried prawn it is.

Mushroom coated with Shrimp Paste

A mushroom cap with shrimp and corn paste, tasted so very ordinary.

Sweet Corn Pastry

Ack, the corn pastry was a letdown. A pasty mass of sweet and salty.

Chicken Claws

I barely stole a bite, chicken feet totally isn't my thing!

Carrot Cake

A rather decent and tasty carrot cake, the soft cake and radish bits were delicious.

Cha Siew Bao

The pau consistency was nice but I'm not sold on the honeyed char siew bits.

Beancurd Sheet done in Black Bean

A blander but more palatable version of the thai style.

Spare Ribs

I'm beginning to appreciate spare ribs with taro cubes, the cubes give this dish an added flavouring and bite, a pity that the taro cubes were slightly dry.

Jellyfish with Cucumber

Not refreshing, the supposedly crispy bits were soggy by the time it was served.

Breaded Prawn

Too plastic and the oil taste was too much.

Spare Ribs with Spicy Pepper and Salt

So not a fan, it was served warm. The spare ribs tasted more like chicken tenders with a dash of sour.

Panfried Cheong Fun with Dried Shrimp

Ok, finally a dish that deserves the props. The cheongfun had a charcoal fragrance about it, permeated through every bite. The shrimps were scarce though. Not the tastiest but was a different way of preparing cheongfun that I liked.

Century Egg Porridge

Stomach warming, it was packed with century eggs than meat.

Fish with Conpoy Porridge

Fresh fish was the main draw.

For once, I attempted the full menu..including those I usually would not attempt, 32 dishes!

The dishes were either served just warm, if not cold. One major peeve, food tastes different warm and piping hot imo and despite the really thoughtful start of serving half fried items and dimsum to cut down the long waiting time for dimsum seemed more like an excuse for not being able to keep up with the demands more so than being attentive to the customers' needs.

Tastewise, with fair comparison to Pine Court, Pine Court exceeds in terms of quality, taste and value for money. I have to admit WanHao was a disappointment. On an irrelevant note, the name of the dishes are "in your face", very point blank..nary the fanciful names which is queer for a hotel.

Service is prompt despite the bulgeoning crowds, it was fully booked after the advertorial in I-Weekly early this month. None of the dishes warranted a second serving, if that's a yardstick of Wanhao's weekday dimsum buffet.

$36++ (1-for-1)

1130am - 230pm

Wanhao Restaurant
Marriott Hotel

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