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Patisserie Glace @ Chinatown Plaza

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A very sweet colleague helped me nab these over lunch one day, saved me from finding out exactly where this is! Till this day, I've not quite figured out exactly where this is, though on the map it's near this and that.

I doubt this place is any foreign to most, given its high profile appearance in ST's 2009 food guide, and several writeups by many food bloggers.

They arrived in a very handy box, resembles that of a lunch box. Kawaii-ne! The amazing thing about their cakes is, they're very fragrant. I was stealing sniffs of it all the way home.

Strawberry Mille-feuille ($4.70)

Also known as Napoleon in other parts of the world, the "thousand sheets" is hard to bake and gives a balance to the sponge cake. Chocolate crisp, strawberry round it off perfectly. Taken off the website.

First impression of this pastry, it looks like an art piece complete with napkins. This multi layered dessert boasts of a sponge cake base lathered with custard and several pieces of biscuit bases and slices of strawberries. What bothers me about this dessert is, the taste is very mild. No trace of strawberries save for the fruit itself. The custard, biscuit layers and sponge cake taste as separate as they are, put together. The sponge cake is soft and slightly bland.

Mont Blanc ($5.60)

A Japanese perennial favourite. This is another dessert with a spongecake as a base topped with twirls of chestnut cream and a whole chestnut in the middle, finishing off with chopped chestnuts sprinkled atop. Yes, another that impresses in terms of artistry. The previous Mont Blancs I've eaten have tarts as bases rather than sponge cake. It's interesting how this sponge cake is different from the Strawberry Mille Feuille. This is slightly heavier and stronger in taste but otherwise still very light. Uncannily enough, it reminded me of a lighter version of Polar's sugar roll. Overall, a very light and sweet delight.

Of the two, my vote goes to their signature Mont Blanc. Their sponge cakes are typically Japanese, light, fluffy and mild in terms of taste. I prefer my cakes with a little more bite and stronger in taste. This test taste of their two spongecakes pretty much sealed my impression of their sponge cakes...that being said, I will give the fromage tart and sold out rin rin tarts a go though. Not the best Mont Blanc I've eaten, just alright. Pricing wise, it isn't the cheapest, neither is it over the top expensive..moderate.

Patisserie Glace by Chef Yamashita
34 Craig Road
#01-01 Chinatown Plaza
Tel: 6400-0247

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Tiong Bahru Pau @ Tiong Bahru Market

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Ma Lai Goh ($0.70) a fluffy soft chinese sponge cake with the texture of a kueh. The brown sugar used results in the delicious brown hue. Some places have it in yellow. Not too sweet, just nice. I've been eating this for as long as Tiong Bahru Pau existed. I can eat piece after piece after meals. Naturally, portions have shrunk beyond comprehension over the years but it ranks as one of my favourite places selling this.

Tiong Bahru Pau

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Yan Chuan Roaster @ Ubi

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One of the far and few nights we have roasted duck takeaway! It's been ages since I tucked into roasted duck! A trip along guilt-alley! Roasted to a golden brown, the meat's juicy and flavourful. Nary the oily aftertaste that some places have. Steaming white rice and roast duck, a tummy warming meal to end the day!

The best part of it, it's cheap! $13.90 for a roasted duck.

Yan Chuan Roaster
Ubi Ave 2 , Block 2030 #01-111

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Wedding Lunch @ Holiday Inn Park View

My first time attending a wedding lunch, previously I attended a wedding buffet lunch which was an interesting experience. I guess the major differences lie in the time of the day which more or less sets the mood and surprise surprise, tapas of mini pizzas, springrolls and samosas were served before the wedding proper. They tasted much like the usual thaw and cook items but it's a pleasant beginning!

A very oriental table setting.

The usual...

A choice of wedding favours; either a letter opener or a coaster.

A very memorable opening number by the head chef who boogied along with the Ratatouille song chosen, hilarious indeed!

Cold Dish Combination (Suckling Pig, Prawn Salad, Drunken Chicken, Japanese Octopus and Vegetarian Spring Roll)

Sucking Pig; found it fatty but tasty at the same time.

Prawn Salad; prawns were ordinary.

Drunken Chicken; very bland but tender.

Japanese Octopus; gave it a pass.

Vegetarian Spring Roll; well..fried food it is.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Assorted Meat

The server emptied a plate of shark's fin before our very eyes, so you roughly know how much "real fins" goes into it. One major pet peeve, the server took the remaining shark's fin away even before the bowls were passed round! We saw at least two full bowls inside! Anyhow, the shark's fin soup is thick, the fins are thick and chewy, a great sin in the eyes of shark lovers. It could've been tastier.

Smoked Duck in Camphor Wood & Tea Leaves

I love smoked duck, the light fragrance. The meat's succulent with herb fragrance infused in every bite.

Steamed Garoupa with Superior Soya Sauce

One overcooked fish. The meat was rubbery.

Chilean Abalone & Sea Cucumber with Lettuce

Well cooked, the abalone's texture's chewy, sea cucumber cooked to the right tendency. I had seconds of the lettuce!

Drunken Live Prawns with Chinese Wine & Herbs

Well cooked, prawns are really fresh! The meat's sweet and herbal.

Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

The rice was too soft but the mushrooms and preserved sausages were tasty enough to save this dish!

Durian Pengat

The groom wanted the guests to remember their wedding because of their dessert. They opted for this over Orh Nee. I will remember this for the longest time. A first for me at least. Hardly is durian served because it's a love-hate fruit. There were only 5 durian eaters left by the time lunch ended and we polished off the portion meant for 10. Bittersweet dessert with thick durian pulp mashed in. I'm not a durian person but I'm sold on this creamy delight.

Vegetarian Indian Meal

An ex boss had this, colourful array of small portions. He enjoyed it, and we had a field time watching him tuck in as well.

Quite good food by Holiday Inn Park View. Above average I must add. Service is predictably inconsistent because of the adhoc helpers hired.

One wedding lunch with quite a number of unforgettable instances. :)

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Akashi Restaurant @ Vivocity

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My impression of Akashi is cold, uppitty and expensive thusfar. Could be due to its positioning all along..being located at Orchard Parade Hotel, Paragon, Tanglin Shopping Centre..mainly the higher end of eating districts.

Set dinners galore, it amused my companions how there's a different price for lunch and dinner. According to the Akashi regular, the portions are bigger for dinner. The menu isn't extensive but it leaves you spoilt for choice. Cha Soba, Sushi and Tempura were my cravings for the day and it's a pity they didn't have a set offering all three, at best two.

Complimentary endamame beans, lightly salted just the way I like it.

We gave fried white bait and grilled eggplant with miso a go. The fried white bait was crunchy and not salty but had more batter than required.

The eggplant was a wrong choice made. It arrived looking dowdy and dry, upon's slightly raw and tasted more like banana than eggplant.

I ended up with a set with Cha Soba and Tempura ($20) and stole a piece of tuna sushi from the gf. The Cha Soba's smooth, runny and delicious!

Comparable with Shimbashi's. I avoided the quail egg though, after the gooey fishy combination I ended up with after experimenting it at Hanabi once. The tempura's lightly fried, no traces of oil...2 prawn tempuras, 1 sweet potato, 1 salmon, 1 brinjal. Impressive ebi tempura, the prawn was fresh, no hint of bicarbonate! My brinjal tempura tasted more like brinjal than the grilled one! The tuna sushi's very fresh, a rolled ball of rice with a thick slice of tuna sitting daintily atop. My first attempt at sushi with more ingredients than rice..yums!

Service is alright, food is not too bad..probably be back for sushi and sashimi. I'll remember it for the yummy ebi tempura, tuna sushi and cha soba. The dinner sets are value for money...I didn't find it outstanding. My prior impression of Akashi is partially lacks some warmth about the place, not quite the friendly Waraku nor aloof Tonkichi..somewhere in between. Uppity and expensive it is not quite, prices are average.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant

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Pine Garden's Cake @ Ang Mo Kio

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Pine Garden's Cake's Lychee Martini Cake is ranked 12th on ST's Top 50 Yummiest Cake. I finally had a taste of it after all the wishing and hoping and dreaming of it all day and night! Fairy Godfather R decided to surprise me with a 500gsm cake no less...Triple hurray for that.

Being a self-confessed huge fan of lychee martinis (the more potent, the better!), I've been looking forward to a cocktail baked in a cake!

It came in a see-through box, for you to steal a peek at it before you get down to polishing it. My hands were trembling with delight as I unveiled the pink beauty. No whiff of alcohol fragrance when I first opened the box. I gingerly took out the pink cake. Funny that it's coloured baby pink, I figure it's just the colouring.

It's layers of sponge cake sandwiching fresh cream and juicy lychees, to end it off it's coated with pink fresh cream all around. The cake's a very light cake in many ways, the fluffy sponge cake (though deemed dry by the parents) and light fresh cream (it beats butter cream in terms of calories!). The lychees are scattered throughout the cake. Surprisingly, the pink fresh cream wasn't just coloured, it's rose flavoured. Even writing this makes rose and lychee martini a wrong combination. Tastewise, it seemed mismatched. The hint of rose got progressively stronger and I concluded, rose and lychees don't go at all. As for the martini bit, it's probably so mild I couldn't taste it. The sis who doesn't touch a drop of alcohol managed to discern it between bites.

I had it for breakfast and the stomach still growled ravenously. For after meals dessert, this serves great; almost as if you're eating nothing. It's that light!

Certainly no where near a desired potent lychee martini more like a mocktail! It'll probably taste better without the rose hint. It's akin to having XO Fishhead Bee Hoon when the XO is nowhere in taste.

Fast forward one week, the rose flavouring has gotten so strong, it ends up tasting like a rose cake.

$26, 500gsm. $36, 1kg.

Pine Garden's Cake
529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
01-2369 & 01-2329

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Bakerzin @ Vivocity

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Each time a whole cake is bought at Bakerzin, it's usually Strawberry Shortcake ($25)..three times in a row. How coincidental is that.

It's a Japanese sponge cake with strawberries and fresh cream. The sponge cake is soft but I've eaten it softer. Generally light and fruity. Lacks the wow factor.


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Munch @ Robinson Road

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A lunch getaway with my favourite girl. We ended up at Munch, one of the many sandwich joints that litter the entire CBD. You can practically find one within 10 metres of each other, subways are included. Off hand, there's The Sandwich Shop, Simply Sandwich, Subway, Cedele, Aroma's, Fou de Fafa which we wanted to try if it wasn't for the queues...all offering the humble two slices of bread with uncannily similar ingredients.

We shared....

Crayfish wrap ($8.80), top it up by $4 you get the meal; drink and soup included. It was mushroom soup, which according to bh, is Delifrance's. I didn't fancy it, on the sweet side. It's the only other place apart from The Sandwich Shop that offers crayfish! The wrap's got a generous serving of lettuce and tomatoes and of course, crayfish. Despite being bland, I like how fresh and juicy the crayfish cubes are. You can almost taste the sweetness in the crayfish. No MSG added I figure, that's how my lunch went without a drink!

3 salads ($8), I garangly went ahead with

Vermicilli; looked like thai. Tasted overly sweet. Didn't like it.

Baby potatoes with cucumbers; I found it refreshing and delicious.

Spinach, Feta Cheese and Pumpkin; arguably my favourite of the trio. The pumpkin's naturally sweet, feta cheese blends in perfectly and spinach tastes amazingly good! Sans the rawness of salads.

One happy lunch it is. Great for a power lunch. Prices are reflective of the district..

112 Robinson Road

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Qing Hua Niang Re Gao @ Bedok South Market

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Riding on the delayed storm of Nonya Kuehs, this humble store has been around for quite some time and I usually head there for cheap Nonya kueh fix..not the best but "boleh lah!" They sell a whole lot of other sweet treats like the colourful kueh, fatt goh, yellow mini cakes..savoury ones too like glutinous rice and dumplings.

Tapioca Kueh, $0.40

Hard at first bite, a very dense tapioca kueh it is that's a little too dry.

Kueh Salat, $0.40

The better of the two, the kaya's done ala lapis sagu, the kueh kind rather than melt in you mouth kaya consistency. Fragrance and cheap prices are what keeps me going back.

Qing Hua Nonya Kuehs
Stall 01-219
(Stall is Opp HillStreet Char Kuey Teow)
Bedok South Market

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Yong Tau Foo @ Bedok South Hawker Centre

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Arguably SG's cheapest Yong Tau Foo around! 10 pcs for $1.50 if you go without the noodles, if not it's $1.50 for 7 pieces and a portion of noodles. Surely and definitely the portions of yong tau foo are compromised but for under $2, I say it's a steal!

Ingredients are fresh, soup is tasty. What more can I ask for? 15 cent yong tau place to bear in mind for the budget conscious!

Just a note, to separate your noodle comes at a additional 20 cents. Ahh, the nitty gritty terms and conditions that come along with it. I'm still not complaining.

Edit: 23 March update. Prices were upped to 40 cents per pc/ $1.50 for 4 pcs as of 21st March. Dang!

$1.50 Per Bowl
Bedok South Hawker Centre

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Shalizah Snack & Goreng Pisang @ Geyland Serai Food Centre

This stall at Geylang Serai Food Centre's quite hard to miss, spans across two stalls!

Loads of guilty treats, deep fried no less.

Mom and I settled for $1 worth of Fried yam, potato and sweet potato sticks, the previous week the kind boy gave us a portion so huge but this week, this measly portion. Depends who you get I reckon. These are the malay version of french fries, thick slices of root veggies coated in a salty batter and sent to the deep fryer. Makes quite a good snack I must add!

The curry puff and samosa which were selling for 40 cents a piece, $2 for 5. Mathematically, there's NO discount! Of the two, the samosa's more like a samosa..crispy shell with potato filling, the curry puff's plain weird. It's sweet!

Shalizah, I wonder if it's the cook or the server. Stick to the fried yam/potato/sweet potato sticks..I'm quite sure I'm not about to venture into the curry puffs again. Maybe the Goreng Pisang next.

Shalizah Snack & Goreng Pisang
Stall 01-294
Geylang Serai Food Centre

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