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Chinese New Year Edition - 2

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What I adore about Chinese New Year is..the never ending goodies...this time, what was given to us!

For the battle of the barbequed meats! I grew up with Bee Cheng Hiang, somewhere in between absconded to Lim Chee Guan, last year I hoped over to Kim Peng Hiang and...then this year, the parents bought LCG. :( The queues at KPH were too freaky for any of us to ever attempt. That's the thing about Singaporeans...we Q and Q and allow suppliers to make vegetable heads outta us.. and have them laughing all the way to the banks. As with rice dumplings..kueh lapis...pineapple tarts...

Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa

The royalty of barbequed meats..all cut up and ready to eat! One of my favourites, with the right thickness and bite...well marinated too! Not too sweet...

Fragrance XiangWei Bak Kwa

Sharon Au was the leading lady behind their slew of advertising campaigns...comes with a handy lock-lock container (that aunties like the Mom goes gaga over). Apparently not much of a queue...anyhow, we unveiled a package of dull-looking bak kwa, upon re-heating...very thinly sliced bbq pork slices...sweet to the palette...tastes more like "lup cheong" flattened than the bak kwa I'm familiar with. Too thin for my liking, lacking somewhat in the meaty bite.
Up to $45 per kg.

Dai Dong "Chuen Hup" Chinese Sweets

I've got very fond and sweet memories of these traditional chinese sweets. I remember clamouring for them at the Gran's place many years back..back then when putting in toffees and chewy sweets weren't the thing, then. Melt in your mouth heavily sugared sweets, ranges from coconut flakes, lotus root, lotus seeds, carrot, lime..$2/100gsm at Chinatown! My favourite of the lot: lotus seeds!

麦可思 Cottage house Gift hamper of 3 biscuits, Black sesame, pineapple rolls, pistachio cookies

Gorgeous looking hamper, opens up like a treasure chest. I adore how they're individually packed in boxes that fold in so nicely! My colleague mentioned to me where she got this from and I totally forgot. :( Anyhow it's a Malaysian Bakery...sweet cottage? cottage hut? boo.. memory loss....-hmmm-

Three types of cookies, Black Sesame, Macadamia Nut, Pineapple Rolls. The cookies are flaky, falls apart rather easily...and have this buttery smell and taste about it. My favourite of the lot has to be Black Sesame.

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Singapore Zam Zam 2 @ North Bridge Road

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The family's tradition is...having a Non-chinese meal on 大年初 一, the previous years was at Samy's, Bananaleaf and this year, we had Zam Zam! My first time dining there, though we often to a takeaway of their famous murtabak!

Their wall of famed food..

A corner of dishes...

Spiced chicken, I like how well roasted the chicken is..the meat's very tender (I prefer my chicken with some bite..) overall was on the plain side.

Egg Roti Prata, the bomb! Fluffy dough with egg...I love how their pratas/murtabaks are so chewy and solid. My main grouse, only prata with egg on the other variation...

Beef Rendang supposedly one of their signatures...I didn't mind's quite tasty but just lacking in flavours.

Curry cabbage.. just alright..not many vegetable options were available, just cabbage or lady's finger.

Chicken Curry, the meat was way too soft, the kind that detaches from the bone slight pulling.

Nasi Briyani was undercooked? The grains were too dry and surely far from the palatable dish that I envisioned it to be.

Mee Goreng, the waiter claimed their "must try". A disappointment, the noodles are stringy..just egg and tomatoes in this dish.

Tea Ahlia and Teh Tarik which were too thin.

All in, $19.50 for 4 of us...which is a deal for eating house standards...but a disappointment for a huge ZZ-murtabak fan! You can't really complain about the quality of food for the price we're paying..I'll still stick to their murtabaks.

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

679 - 699 North Bridge Road
8am - 11pm

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Leung Sang Hongkong Pastries @ Chinatown

This is another of the pastry shops that the Mom has been patronizing for years...from the times when each was priced at a mere 60 cents to 90 cents now, sooner or later it'll break the dollar barrier!

Buy 5 pastries and get a box...naturally I got a box, rather than lugging the pastries back and risk getting it crushed en route home.

Their signature yellow box!

Up close, golden brown~

Egg Tart (Left)

It's not too flaky, custard's not too sweet. After seating an entire day in the box, I say it tastes not too bad! Apparently their best seller.

Lotus Paste pastry

Flaky melt in the mouth pastry coupled with smooth lotus paste. What I like about this is the lotus paste being just right in sweetness.

Wife Biscuit

Flaky pastry with a generous winter melon filling...made this my second favourite in the box of goodies.

Custard Pineapple Bun

The Mom commented the custard's the old fashioned kind of custard, very pasty and clumpy in the golden yellow hue...not sweet. I prefer my custard smooth...but the pineapple bun's delicious.

Coconut pastry

My least favourite of the's coconut cake atop the egg tart pastry. Not quite distinct in taste either.

It's always heartwarming to eat something so traditional after all the western cakes and pies and tarts and whatnot. Going back to the roots, having history all in a box! The best part of it, all these goodies aren't too sweet, perfect! Nonetheless, I'll be back for least before they hit the dollar mark!

Leung Sang Hongkong Pastries

18 Sago Street

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Harry's Bar @ Esplanade

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One of the great pals is back in SG for CNY and we just couldn't help not get her all intoxicated...:P Was supposed to be a clubbing session at St James that ended on a quiet note at Harry's...albeit a 360 degree change in setting but the company surely more than made up for all the chaos at St James.

D's Baileys shooter which he claimed he didn't know it'll be so puny! Not very clear shot of it...but basically that's as much liquor as you see, with loads of cream on top.

My Lime Frozen Margarita ($14) laced with salt. Originally wanted the "Sex On The Beach" and somehow changed my mind when I saw M's margarita. :( Bad choice, not the best I've tasted somehow, maybe too watered down...and the salt doesn't quite go.

R's Fish and Chips ($15), just breaded fish and chips with a nice preserved salad...the vegetables are all pickled. Interesting twist to it! The fish and chips are pretty normal.

The rest shared potato wedges...which somehow went well with whatever drinks we had.

Noisy environment, waiters that really can't give two hoots about you, the food is pretty much mediocre...I'll probably be back only if the company is good.

Harry's Bar
Esplanade Mall

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Dessert Hut @ Tanjong Pagar 2

Back at Dessert Hut to satiate a dessert craving...I had the red bean ice-cream combination ($2.50). The vanilla ice-cream's very normal...I liked the whole red beans that weren't totally mashed. Not too sweet either, tastes like red bean a more refined form. Certainly not the best I've eaten but good enough for that craving.

Dessert Hut

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The Soup Spoon 5 @ Tanjong Pagar

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Back at TSS for lunch with the besties...I had to go with the weekly soup special...The Soup Spoon Five Blessings, $8.20, regular (right). This seafood stew has five major ingredients of fish, prawns, crabmeat, squid, oyster and clam and five vegetables of bamboo shoots, tiger lily buds, carrots, mushrooms and leeks. In my bowl of soup with a dash of vinegar, I tasted prawns, crabmeat, oyster, clam and plenty of bamboo shoots! Lovely. Looks much like shark's fin soup and tastes like oriental soup with an English touch. Deliciously yummy, a nice twist of the traditional soup for this spring festival!

They had the other weekly soup special as well,
Home Style Cock-A-Doodle Soup, $6.90, regular (left). Just clear chicken broth with macaroni shells and chicken pieces. I found this slightly bland...but as usual, very tummy warming.

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717 Trading (Makeshift Stall)

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Durian Sandwich, $3.60

Pleasantly surprised by the durian desserts they have to offer, durian pudding, durian mousse, durian coil, durian sandwich, durian cake...decided to go for the durian sandwich, I even asked the sales girl if it's "bread"!

Anyhow it's spongcake sandwiching the durian puree. The puree's sweet, creamy and not pungent, perfect for a non-durian fan like me. Even the durian lovers at home adore it. Quite a steal for $3.60.

717 Trading Kiosk
Tanjong Pagar Market

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Wedding Dinner @ Concorde Hotel

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The first wedding of 2009! Concorde it is, the former Le Meridien Hotel, tucked in a corner in Orchard, just next to the Istana.

The spacious ballroom, good enough for 28 tables, not too crampy. Chandeliers lined the ceiling...quite a cosy feel! I happened to walk past the showroom for the weddings..there are options of cream and red for the table cloths.

Table setting...oops for the orange hue in all pictures, resulting in the food looking all the same...:P

The wedding favour, a glass coaster! I'm on my way to completing my dining set, chopsticks, 2 saucers, 1 coaster!

Dinner began at about 830, a good 1 hour after the stated timing, considered early for a chinese wedding...God forbid those days where dinners started past 9, to ever return!

Concorde Cold Cut Combination (Suckling Pig, Deep Fried Prawn Rolls, Prawn Salad with Fruit cocktail, Deep Fried Nori Rolls, Jelly Fish)

Suckling Pig slices were crunchy and tasty, I couldn't help but eat everything, fat-skin-meat down! :)

Prawn rolls and nori rolls somehow tasted the same.

Prawn salad's pretty normal.

Jelly Fish came with shredded carrot..maybe that made it sweeter than it should be.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Fish Maw and Crabmeat

The server scooped a ladle per bowl, that resulted in us getting half a bowl each and having to top up accordingly. Fish Maw somehow makes the soup's consistency funny, otherwise, it warms the stomach.

Steamed Live Prawns with herbs in Chinese Wine

Once again, the server had this weird habit of serving the most minuscule of portions first, an effort to hugely whet your appetite? YES, one prawn each...when the whole plate had at least 3 servings per person!? Succulent and fresh prawns with delicious broth!

Braised Sliced Abalone with Mushrooms and Spinach

Yummy dish, I had more servings of mushrooms.

Steamed Garoupa in Hongkong Style

Not too overcooked.

Crispy Roasted Chicken

One age-old wedding dinner dish, but I like! The crispy skin and crunchy keropok.

Braised Sea Cucumber with Button Mushrooms and Seasonal Vegetables

Doesn't this remind you of the previous dish, Braised Sliced Abalone with Mushrooms and Spinach? Being a major vegetable fan, I'm certainly not complaining! Just interesting that button mushrooms are used...the sea cucumber tasted much like fish maw.

Braised Ee-fu Noodle

A not too bad ee-fu noodle at a wedding!

Mashed Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts

I was looking forward (all night) to the dessert and was disappointed, the yam paste was so mashed by the server, I ended up not tasting the yam at all, just loads of coconut milk and gingko nuts. :(

Service at Concorde has plenty of room for improvement, should the food be served in bigger portions to clear the dish rather than give us ridiculously small amount and having to refill them ourselves?

Food was not too bad!

And that wraps the first wedding dinner for 2009, a wedding lunch and two more wedding dinners...left!

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