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Brotzeit @ Vivocity

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"Brotzeit" is a typical Bavarian expression – "Brot" being German for bread and "Zeit" for time, referring to a cozy meal complemented by fresh beer. They specialise in Bavarian cuisine. My first at authentic german food after the fusion meal I had at Friends awhile back. On the pretext of celebrating another dear friend's birthday, we all flocked to Brotzeit.

A table was booked..first we were given a table inside but was too noisy, we made a request for a cosier table outside. We were promised two large spacious tables once the "next table left" but ended up squeezing all in one table, waiting forever for the next to leave. Turned out, that didn't happen either. We left way earlier than they did.

Anyhow, Brotzeit at Vivocity's a flagship store. Not too sure what type of beer we shared but it came in a litre huge glass, very frothy and light. My first try at German beer which I gladly say, I'm loving it!

It took quite a while before the food was served...

Gulaschsuppe (spicy beef goulash soup) $9.50 served with two slices of multi-grain bread.

Hot and steaming they came, ravenous we all were. The moment I took a sip of the goulash soup, I's one of the best I've tasted. The broth's decent not overly thick, beef cubes are plentiful, potatoes too. A pity the bread's too hard. If not, it'd be heaven on earth. The soup's really tasty, you really won't stop at just one spoon. We ordered two bowls of this!

Chef’s Salat (mixed salad with roasted pork loin stripes, fine beans, potato salad, semidried tomatoes, onions and pumpkin seed oil) $19.50

This came in a huge cauldron of a bowl, a beautiful combination of salads and ingredients. Tossing it revealed a yummilicious refreshing and healthy salad choice. The lettuce was somewhat crunchy and juicy. Delicious.

Gebackenes (best of their crispy items including prawns, dory fish, chicken fingers and potato wedges) $32.50

Think thickly cut potato wedges, golden brown prawns, fish cutlets and chicken pieces, complete with mustard, mayo and some other sweet-sour condiment. Wouldn't say it's stunning, tastes like a fried food platter.

Pork knuckle served with potato salad and sauerkraut, not sure of the pricing because it can't be found online.

What's a german meal without pork knuckle? It's fried to a crisp, so crispy I cannot resist chomping the skin, fats and meat all down. It's german cuisine alright! Now I know how authentic german pork knuckles taste like, the meat's so tender, the crackling's so crunchy...sinful but well worth it. German potato salad has a slight sour taste to it, whets the appetite!

Würstelplatte (authentic sausage platter with spicy chicken sausage, lamb sausage, mini pork cheese sausages, weisswurst sausage and garlic sausage with sauerkraut and mustard) $32.50

An array of german goodness, somehow I don't fancy sausage platters that much because after a while, everything tastes about the same! I didn't like the lamb, bland it is. The company lapped it up hungrily though.

(warm rich chocolate cake with stracciatella ice cream) $12.50

Our choice of birthday cake for the birthday girl. The ice-cream tasted like vanilla...molten chocolate cake that the rest didn't quite finish.

Apfelstrudel (apple strudel with vanilla ice cream) $10.50

Interesting take on apple strudel, a thin pastry jacket filled with slices of apples, raisins and almond flakes. The thinest crepe skin ever, felt there was an apple overload. Yummers, felt it's better than theschokokuchen.

Overall, a stomach bursting experience, we left filling full to the max. Brotzeit surprised me on what it had to offer. Beers are a must! They complete the german experience. The most memorable dishes have to be the pork knuckle and beef goulash soup!

Service was somewhat lacking probably due to the crowds...a little on the hasty note. They want to get you out of the place asap. Poor timing on their part when it came to clearing of dishes and presenting the desserts, we ended up having to chitchat whilst the ice-creams were melting and candle dwindling.

Will be back for more!

VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk,

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Oscar's @ Conrad Hotel

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All I wanted was some pampering on a rainy, dreary day, I dragged the sis along for one of those girly bonding. Oscar's for dessert it had to be, after that very droolicious banana fritter dessert at its dessert spread we had early this year.

Not much choice on the a la carte menu though, we were seated outside with dim lights. We opted for "As good as it gets ($17)", a delightful dessert for 2, comprising of six mighty scoops of ice-cream with whipped cream, strawberry sauce AND seasonal fruits. That's quite a mouthful! I didn't want any chocolate, and made clear instructions on that. The waitress was so cute, she came over later to clarify what I meant by "no chocolate", that means "no chocolate chips, no mint chocolate, no chocolate at all right"?

I was amused but really appreciated her kind gesture.

So it was 6 non-chocolate scoops in a humoungous wine glass! As far as the tongue can differentiate, it was raspberry sorbet, strawberry ice-cream, pistachio, vanilla, raisin and...some other flavour that really doesn't quite taste very different. It came in a huge wine glass, as huge as my face. Glorious looking display indeed!

Chunks of strawberries and raspberries with generous squirts of whipped cream and that decadent six scoops...rendered me more full than full. It's any child's dream, to have unlimited scoops of ice-cream...we were reduced to chirpy girls but after a got a little too much. Everything became milkshake. :P

Nonetheless, we finished it to the last milky drop. I say it's a once in a blue moon treat, I don't deny having a superbly great time trying all the ice-cream scoops! The ice-cream isn't fabulous but somehow the whole presentation made me bubbly happy.

Service has always been a pride of theirs, the warm water came in individual warm like that!

Conrad Hotel

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Wedding Dinner @ Conrad Hotel

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The third wedding dinner for 2008, somehow I think Nov-Dec's a popular period for couples...and a pinch on a pocket too. Conrad was the location, 10 course dinner...that started slightly later than usual...doors were firmly shut during cocktail.

What's above me..the mersmerizing ceiling!

What's infront of me..

I'm beginning to wonder if getting the servers to announce the dish is tres fashionable, within a span of two weeks, I witnessed that. The only variance? Conrad's not very consistent with the dish announcement.

Cutlery all on one side..I don't think I made use of all of them.

Individual condiments in a saucer! I like don't have to share it with the rest, assuming they're not friends nor acquaintances.

Once again, white roses arrangement with a romantic candle burning atop, giving the warm cosy glow.

My wedding favour of a miniature conrad wedding bear! I was lemming for one JUST before the dinner at their conrad-teddy-bear xmas tree! :)

Sliced Barbequed sucking pig served with crepes, Smoked duck, Chicken dipped with sesame paste, deep fried dumpling and jelly fish with sesame seeds

The cold dish sampler was huge surprises on this one apart from the deep fried wanton which I found its shape special.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with crabmeat, roe and bamboo pith

Shark's fin soup albeit expected but it came in individual pots! The first time I'm served soups in pots at weddings. It's got this golden yellow hue to it..hardly could taste the crab roe. Slightly on the starchy side..and somewhat least it warmed the tummy quite a bit!

Sauteed Prawns and scallops with honey peas in spicy sauce

The prawn was artificially crunchy, scallops...alright. A must have at all weddings but not spectacular in taste.

Steamed Red Garoupa in Hongkong style

Fish that I found too rubbery.

Pan-fried Ostrich Steak with Chef's special sauce garnished with asparagus and onion

I was looking forward to the "Ostrich steak" partly because of the food description..*oops* I was joking with the cuzzins about how chefs make use of "special sauce" as a cover up for food that the general public does not agree with. It tasted much like char siew with the special sauce, tender and easily cut into bite sizes (depending on what cut you received, it was too tough for the thicker cuts) The asparagus didn't quite go with it. A special mention, I love the caramelized crunchy sweet onion garnish!

Braised whole baby abalone with Lingzhi mushroom and Hongkong Cabbage

The baby abalone was the attraction with a huge fan of a lingzhi mushroom. The most decent dish of the night, lip smacking good too!

Crispy Pi-pa chicken Garnished with baked almond flakes

Chicken's very normal, mine came without the almond flakes. Loved how the chilli-sauce-bean sauce goes with anything!

Stewed Ee-fu noodles with hoshimeji mushroom, beansprout and homemade sauce

Too soggy and soft, 'nuff said. I had a field time picking out the mushrooms!

Hot cream of walnut with glutinous rice dumpling

Way better than Ritz's, the walnut cream's creamy and not too sweet. The walnut fragrance was mild, with two black sesame glutinous balls...a nice sweet touch to the end of dinner. You bet I downed the whole bowl and slurped it clean.

A first for me! Filling up a "feedback form" after a wedding..

Conrad's not over the top with is decent..the ballroom had alot of things going on at the ceiling (I spent a great deal of time admiring the ornaments and lights they had up there), only complaint, they should really train their waiters not to keep knocking into chairs and walking as if they own the pathways though space is always a challenge during banquets but having your chair consistently knocked into throughout dinner is no joke!

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Soup Spoon 4 @ Raffles City

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Back at Soup Spoon over and over and over again. I never do get tired of the place.

This time we had the weekly special Burgundian Style Beef with Red Wine and French Beans. It's got a red wine broth with mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and of course, meaty beef chunks! Not the best from Soup Spoon but it warmed the tummy greatly on a rainy day. I seriously can never taste the red wine in soups even though they mention..maybe a teaspoon in a cauldron of soup? But in all Soup Spoon support, I slurped it down to the last drop.

Soup Spoon

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Desserts @ Bengawan Solo

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Bengawan Solo, Rediscover the freshness of tradition.

That's their tagline. Bengeawan Solo's long been associated with kueh lapis, pandan chiffons that Asian celebrities lug back in boxes and 21st birthday cream cakes. My 21st birthday cake, the biggest in my life was courtesy of Bengawan Solo, kueh lapis every CNY is a must-have and now, their pandan chiffon that we've always had a liking for.

A couple of pandan delights courtesy of R, yet again.

Their signature red box.

The pandan chiffon cake with a hole in it! My mom commented the size of it shrunk over the years...hmm. Didn't quite notice the size per se, was distracted by the pandan fragrance that wafted up our noses upon opening the box.

The somewhat dark green colouring of the cake.

The fluffy pandan chiffon, ever so familiar. Makes eating cakes all the more enjoyable sans the calories, at least they seem healthier. Finishing it in mouthfuls made me crave for more.

No doubt one Tampopo Deli chiffon cake gets you an entire Bengawan Solo cake, Tampopo's chiffon's still got that added bounce in the chiffon.

Pandan cheese!
Another of my childhood favourites, I never knew sweet and savoury could be such a brilliant match. The cheese isn't the strong milky kind though I'm the ultimate cheese lover, somehow blending in with the light pandan cake. Slice after slice, fluffy yet seemingly not sinful. One roll can cut about 8 thick slices.

$7.90 per pandan chiffon
$6.90 per pandan cheese cake

Bengawan Solo

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Hosoi Teppan-yaki House @ Suntec

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Hosoi's one of those new eating places that sprouted out surrounding the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec. Not exactly sure what caught R's eye, but there it was for a late lunch.

The place is rather spacious with two areas for teppanyaki and one corner of bench seats for diners who don't want to be engulfed by the smells from the teppanyaki hot plate. We chose to be infront of the teppanyaki chef, guess who we saw! Jaime Teo was dining with her friends, pretty she is.

Back to the food, I went for their set lunch of Honey chicken bento set $8.90. This comes with a free drink, ice lemon tea. I was first served the radish soup, in fact the first time I paid attention to the soup because it wasn't the usual seaweed soup. Quite delicious. My bento set took forever to come, even after R polished his set. They've got a funny way of preparing the bento set, they place the sets by the side of the hotplate for the chef to fry the vegetables (a huge pile of bean sprouts and green veg that was rather "slimy" to taste), then they bring the bento box in, only to reappear when the meat is fried, AND still bring it in to top up the rice. All in, by the time the bento set came, the vegetables weren't hot anymore. Nonetheless still tasty. The chicken cubes were just alright, the honey sauce was just a dark sauce, no honey in sight. The jellyfish side was delicious, so were the vegetables! I found the rice very ordinary, not the sticky chewy kind.

R's choice of Black Pepper beef, $9.90. That was seemingly a more "worthwhile" choice as the waitress put it, apparently more of everything for $1 more but really, we didn't see how much more given my set lunch had an extra drink! The black pepper beef's very tender and sliced thinly. Somewhat too peppery though.

It's an affordable place to eat, provided you don't order seafood. They've got lobster and even wagyu beef for teppanyaki. Wouldn't it be a waste to teppanyaki wagyu beef?

Don't think I'd be back soon, however.

Hosoi Teppan-yaki House
Suntec City

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ST 2008: 50 Yummiest Cakes

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For posterity's sake, here goes:
  1. Mille Crepes; Classic Cakes
  2. Summertime Carrot Cake; Room for Dessert
  3. Bavarese Champagne and Raspberry Charm; Ricciotti
  4. Blackforest Cake; Mezza9
  5. American Cheesecake; Checker's Deli
  6. Chocolate Amber; Bakerzin
  7. Banana Chocolate Cake; Aroma
  8. Le Royale; Canele
  9. Praline Feuillete; SomethingToGo
  10. Durian Mousse Cake; Goodwood Park Deli
  11. Carrot Walnut Cake; Cedele
  12. Lychee Martini Cake; Pine's Garden Cake
  13. Passionfruit Meringe; The Patissier
  14. Scoop Cake; Tampopo Deli
  15. Chocolate Pandan Chiffon Cake; Little Jerry's Cookies
  16. Blackforest Cake; Laurent's Cafe and Chocolate Bar
  17. Swiss Rolls; Rich & Good Cake Shop
  18. Twin Divine; Miss Clarity Cafe
  19. Tiramisu; Da Paolo Dolci
  20. Chocolate Cake; Lana Cake Shop
  21. Etoile; Sweet Secrets
  22. Jamaican Banana; N.Y.D.C.
  23. Strawberry Cake; The Royals
  24. Yam Pie; Angie The Choice
  25. Grand Cru Royale; CentrePS
  26. Desire; Gourmet Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts
  27. Sugar Roll; Polar
  28. New York Cheesecake; Blue Magnolia
  29. Berry Light; BreadTalk
  30. Double Chocolate Blackout; PS Cafe
  31. Walnut Carrot Cake; Baker's Creation
  32. Caramelised Bananas with Chocolate; Nectarie
  33. Classic Kueh Lapis; Layer_s
  34. Strawberry Shortcake; River Gauche
  35. Organic Orange Cheesecake; Bunalun
  36. Ma La Gao; Crystal Jade My Bread
  37. Sugee Cake; Quentin's Eurasion Restaurant
  38. Durian Cheesecake; Indian Muslim Bakery and Confectionery
  39. Chantilly Al Cioccolato Bianco; Pasticceria Da Valentino
  40. Mango Delight; Prima Deli
  41. Pandan Chiffon Cake; Bengawan Solo
  42. Devil's Food Cake; Marmalade Pantry
  43. Chocolate Fudge Cake; Jane's Cake Station
  44. Passionfruit Cheesecake; The Line
  45. Strawberry Cheesecake; Allanbakes
  46. Noisette; Obolo
  47. Mango Mousse Cake; Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton
  48. Banana Choco Fudge; Choc.a.bloc
  49. Mango Cake; Orchard Cafe, Orchard Hotel
  50. Three-Dimensional Sponge Cake; Balmoral Bakery

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Yogurette @ Candy Empire

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My personal favourite from Candy Empire! I was first introduced it by an air-stewardess turned beauty queen friend, apparently only found in Germany then but thank my lucky stars for Candy Empire. Imagine my joy when I caught sight of it on the shelves one day. They don't come easy...usually out of stock. :(

The only time I indulge in milk chocolate, ever.

Yogurettes are chocolate milk sticks with low fat strawberry yogurt with bits of strawberry can be found in it too! It's the sweet-sour combination that makes it such a healthy treat.

Pricey it is a little but one is never enough for me.

$4.50/box of 8.

Candy Empire

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Donut & Donuts Takeaway

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The first time Donut & Donuts opened near the workplace almost a year ago, I made a visit just for their donuts. Afterall, the workplace is immensely starved of the fried yummy goodies. Personally did not like the donuts that much and I left it there ever since, the crowds have waned over time. I remember having to jostle with the rest, trying to take pictures and was rudely waved off by the Korean chef. I'm not sure of its origins, one thing's for sure, I didn't catch sight of it in Korea at least! Recently they added muffins to their range of donuts and I brushed them aside, afterall what's there to look forward to when you've got the two megaweights in muffin/cupcake-dom in Tanjong Pagar.

One fine rainy afternoon, a nice colleague passed some muffins around, bless him! Mango muffin ($1) I was offered in a bright pink box, their signature colour. Albeit slightly cold, the muffin was moist, with a hint of mango and butter. No mango slices but the texture of the muffin's really good! Impressed I am, cheaper than both Choc N Spice and Beccarino. The size of the muffin's quite substantial too, given these days everything else is least I couldn't finish it within two huge mouthfuls.

A grammatically incorrect box has..."We using good quality oil for ourS donut!" wow. Impressed I am with how broken it Can someone tell them it's wrong?

A hidden gem indeed. I'll drop by soon for more of them~

$5 for 6 muffins, special promo ongoing indefinitely.

Donut & Donuts

Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-36
5 Stadium Walk #02-41/42 Kallang Leisure Park

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Hotshots Burger @ Lau Pat Sat

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Hotshots is a relatively well-known fastfood joint from Philippines. Being the greedy and gregarious eater I am, I dragged Blamer and Leecher along to taste Hotshots!

Located strategically in Lau Pat Sat market, it's quite hard to miss this stall because it's way different from the rest in terms of display. It's got a "cart" as a food stand. Nary a queue in sight by 1pm on a weekday afternoon, though the rest of Shenton way was busy shuffling their feet in and out of the hawker centre.

Spoilt for choice we were, with loud signs of what's on the menu and ongoing promotions springing out of the cart.

You place your order, get a tag, return about 15 minutes later and collect it.

Watching them grill the beef patties, as
semble the burger and ooze the twirl of mayo on some burgers and fold it as if it were origami art is therapeutic, weirdly. The Fillipino servers are a jolly bunch I must add.

My choice of
Real Bleu Cheeseburger ($5.50). The description "Quarter-pound flame-grilled burger with Mayo, Lettuce and Real Bleu Cheese" enticed me but the final product when presented to me was "stunning".

Removing the quarter pound patty and generous serving of fresh lettuce, all I see is a creamy mayo-looking condiment. And that's IT. My "real bleu cheese and mayo" all in a splat. I gave them the benefit of doubt and sunk into the burger, the patty's tender, thankfully no tendons or fatty bits in sight, tasty in fact. I like the bite of the lettuce, somehow they taste different from the rest of the fast food restaurants. The bread's somehow too soft. The quarter pounder did not live up its name in terms of size. I was expecting the Quarter Pounder equivalent of Mcdonalds when they still had it.

Blamer's choice of Crispy Burgermelt ($5.50) basically, quarter-pound flame-grilled burger with Mayo, Cheese Sauce, Mushrooms and Bacon Bits was too salty in her opinion.

Leecher had Caramelized Onion Burger ($5.50) , quarter-pound flame-grilled burger with Mayo, Cheese Sauce and Caramelized Onions. He found it too expensive.

We shared a side; Irish Nachos ($5.50). It's just crisscut fries with flame grilled beef, cheese and salsa. Carl's Junior's Chilli Beef fries packs a meaner deal.

The burger portions certainly do not justify the price, the taste nor does the quality make up for it. No doubt the quality of meats are better than Mcs or Burger King but two Mcs double cheeseburgers would make me more than happy and leave me with change for dessert too! No value meals are available.

Hotshots is in between Burger King and Carl's Junior in terms of price, value and size. Not too sure if I'd give Hotshots another go, it's more of a been there, tried please!

Hotshots Burger
Lau Pa Sat, 18 Raffles Quay

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