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New Zealand Natural Ice-cream @ Parkway

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I'm a self-confessed dessert-holic, in particular cakes and ice-cream, objects of sin.

New Zealand Natural Ice-cream has been around for quite a while..with some flavours being tweaked and one of the all time favourite, Cool Banana Delite was tweaked too! Previously was known as Cooling Bananas, it's now known as Cool Banana Delite. A lighter version of its predecessor.

The one and only Banana flavoured ice- cream I've tasted locally and I'm in love with it. Every lick is fragrant and there are chocks of banana slices in it! Not too sweet nor milky, just right!

With so many ice-cream parlours popping up every now and then, New Zealand's still one of those I turn to for a ice-cold treat. They offer sorbets, ice-creams and frozen yoghurts. Impressive range! With up to 30 flavours up for grabs in eye-catching colours, New Zealand Natural stands out quite a far bit against Andersen's, Island Cremery and the likes. They've got interesting names too, like Hokey Pokey a caramel mix that was quite sweet in my opinion.

Decadent, delicious...delightful.

$3.90 per scoop, $4.90 for two scoops.
Choice of cone or cup.

New Zealand Natural Ice-cream
Parkway Parade (near entrance)
Open 10am - 10pm daily

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