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Ho Kee @ Joo Chiat

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I grew up with Tiong Bahru Pau/Tuck Kee Pau but of late, I've made the conversion to Ho Kee Pau for their more refined dim sum. Tiong Bahru dimsums' portions are bigger and very different in taste, in fact it took quite a while for me to get used to Ho Kee initially. They are one of the few that have a physical store for you to sip tea and enjoy these delicacies. Plus, their stores look rather mod, esp the Joo Chiat one!

The usual fare from Ho Kee...

Paus (char siew pau...pork paus). The char siew ones are not too sweet, just right actually. The meaty bits are yummy, not too much of fatty chunks either. The bread's fluffy, size is just right to pop into your mouth.

Fried snacks (Chive wantons, fried fish cake, ngor hiang)

I love the pork chive wantons best. Chives are very common in dimsum, complements the pork nicely.

Fried fish cake, very normal. Don't fancy this hugely, mainly because the fish cake is mushy and there are bits of chestnut in it.

Ngor Hiang...nothing spectacular.

Prices start from $0.80 onwards.

Ho Kee Pau
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