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Four Seasons Durians Cafe @ Joo Chiat

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The season of the King of Fruit has prompted the family to indulge more of it..D24, Hong Har (Red Prawn) yada... I'm probably and am the oddball of the family, shunning the fruit royalty as if it were vermin. Nonetheless, the family was nice enough to include me in a relatively toned down form -- Durian Puffs!

I swear by Goodwood Park's decadent puffs ($1.80 per pop, the last I tasted) and am rather adamant against trying any other for fear of the terrible stench or lack of consistency in the paste...Four Seasons Durians Cafe's version is pretty awesome in fact! The mini puff actually packs enough punch with the delicious paste, at the very least I didn't burp durian thereafter (I dislike that, in particular). The pastry however was on the dry side.

90 cents per piece.

Four Seasons Durians Cafe

212 Joo Chiat Place (off Still Road) Tel: 6342-0226 Open: 10am to midnight daily

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